feature: Painting before talking, community over competition, and dogs of all kind with Claire Shadomy

When it comes to Asheville art, the talented and colorful Claire Shadomy is one of the top players in the game. Her work is simple and minimal, but evokes fun feelings and good vibes that keep you coming back for more. With her work for sale all over town and beyond, the future looks to be a very exciting one. Read our interview after the jump!

Tell us about who you are and what you do.
My name is Claire Shadomy and I live in Asheville, NC. I'm an illustrator and designer for a local company here as my day job and I create personal art that I sell online/art markets. I create work that I would describe as colorful, playful and feminine.

When did you start getting into making art?

It’s not something I really decided to get into, it’s just what I’ve always done. I was painting before I was talking. It is essential to my identity.

What's your favorite part about being creative?

I love everything about it. Creating something that makes me feel good and can spark something in other people. It is the best outlet I can think of.

How would you describe the Asheville art scene? 

It is very supportive. It is more of a community than a competition. I have met so many lovely people because of it.

Who/what are some of your biggest inspirations? 

Some artists I have been loving lately are Lorien Stern, Bodil Jane, and Agathe Sorlet. So I guess that covers the who. The what ranges from what I see in my everyday life, which is anything from vintage botanical books, product packaging, interior design, and dogs of all kinds.

What are some studio essentials?
I always have a variety of micron pens, several sketchbooks, tons of gouache, my wacom pad and definitely some good music or podcasts.

Who'd be a dream client for you to work with and why?
Ban.do is the first that comes to mind. Jen Gotch is my dream boss and she leads such a creative women centric company.

What's been the coolest experience for you in your art career thus far?

People recognizing me when I haven’t met them before. The idea of having “fans” of any sort is crazy to me, in the best way possible.

Music you've been listening to lately?
Alvvays nonstop as of lately. Mixed in with The Breeders, Angel Olsen & Frankie Cosmos. 

Favorite place in Asheville to chow down?

Gan Shan West!

Anything else you'd like to add?
I’m so excited to be featured on this blog! :-)

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