feature: Chasing the alternative option, cooking up something good, and getting enough sleep with Aidan Ryan

Brisbane, AU designer and illustrator Aidan Ryan is a pro at making groovy and goofy illustrations that make you smile every time you see them. We got to pick his brain about why he likes being creative, his favorite doodle he's done, what he's been listening to lately, and a ton more. Read the full interview after the jump!

Tell us about who you are and what you do.
My name is Aidan Ryan and I am an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Brisbane, Australia. I also do a bit of photography on the side for extra spice.

When did you start getting into making art?
From a young age, I've always been creative. I use to doodle a heap in all my books at school but stopped because I didn't think much of it. I was definitely more interested in skateboarding at the time. I studied photography after high school and used to make "art" with that, haha well sort of. I've always been interested in taking an artistic approach to something. It wasn't until the end of my degree that I pursued drawing once again and haven't stopped since.

What's your favorite part about being creative?
I think the best part about being creative is having the ability to conjure up super weird ideas and then executing them however you can. Everything I do, I tend to take a creative approach to it. Skateboarding, drawing, photography, I'm always chasing the alternative option.

What's one of your favorite pieces you've done?
Hmm that's a tricky one! Probably the ones I'm just about to post on my Instagram haha I'm definitely sitting on a few gems at the moment that I haven't posted. Actually, if I would have to pick something, it would be my "Quarterpooped" doodle, which I also turned into a pin woo! Love that little guy.

Who/what are some of your biggest inspirations?
In terms of artists/illustrators, it's constantly changing because I immerse myself around so many haha. At the moment though I love Jiro Bevis, Tiago Majuelos, Michael Seiben and Mark Gonzales just to name some recent/classic ones. Other inspirations would be skateboarding, conversations I have with people, and just discovering the world around me.

What's some advice you'd give to fellow artists?
Do what you want to do, don't let you or others hold yourself back from doing something you would/will enjoy. I'm all about having fun, experimenting, learning, and not taking things too seriously. That's when you start cooking up something good.

How is your personality reflected in your work?
I like to wear bright colours and have a good laugh so I would say that reflects well with my work haha.

Music you've been listening to lately?
Oh man, I'm getting into some weird amazing places. I've been listening to Insecure Men and Fat White Family a whole heap. It's super strange but once you get around what they're doing, they're genius haha. Also when the sun goes down I've been tuning into a lot of the neo-funk/jazzy type stuff which is supa nice to hang out to.

Best place to get food in Brisbane?
Right now there is this plant based restaurant called Yavanna that is so blooody delicious. I'm like 80% vegetarian these days, but they're converting me too 100% haha. They do amazing fried chicken.

Anything else you'd like to add?
Make sure to get plenty of sleep because your brain will love you for that. I know I'm getting a bit too snoozy these days.

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